I was wrong about photogaphy

The 10 things I thought I knew about photography, but I was wrong

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Quickbooks A “quick” solution when applying for federal COVID-19 aid: CARES ACT

A “quick” solution when applying for federal COVID-19 aid

There are plenty of reviews that will teach you how to use the Quickbooks. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with...

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How I made it thorugh the great recession as a photographer

How I made it through the Great Recession as a photographer

During the 2008-2010 Great Recession, 50% of my business disappeared and to fill the time I practiced my lighting by working with aspiring models,...

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Chicago Nightlife Advertising Campaign behind the scenes with profoto lights

Commercial Photography: Bidding and working with clients

A friend recently asked me how to bid on commercial jobs. This video will cover the entire process of working with commercial clients from...

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Networking: Building your photography business and your personal network at the same time

Photographer John Gress shares how he built his business through building his personal network.

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