A protester is arrested in front of city hall during a Chicago Teachers Union protest in Chicago, March 27, 2013. Chicago will close 54 schools and 61 school buildings by the beginning of the next academic year in the country's third-largest public school district, a move that union leaders called the largest mass closing in the nation. REUTERS/John Gress (UNITED STATES)

I remember a time when being arrested at a protest ment you got roughed up

Back in my day, when you were arrested you were handcuffed! Ok, I’ll stop sounding like a grumpy old man. It was kind of funny yesterday covering a school closing protest in downtown Chicago, because the police had taped off an area, which 150 people walked into and sat down and prepared to be arrested. The police then had them stand up, place their hands behind their back and then line up down the street to receive a ticket.

Chicago Advertorial Photographer Black & White Photo

Chicago Advertorial Photographer: Powering People

I was so excited ten years ago when an advertising agency asked me to shoot nine day-in-the-life photo essays featuring utility workers in Wyoming for a public relations ad campaign. The December 2002 project was such an amazing opportunity to not only take some really cool pictures, but experience quite an adventure. Every day we visited a new small town, each different in their own way.

Back to school… again

It was nice too see CPS students go back to school today, partly because I was tired of shooting people in red T-shirts and partly because with the help of my memory and google maps, I found a place on the west side where I could shoot students crossing the street with the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) in the background. I wanted to have the iconic building in the frame because it was the only way that I could visually convey students in Chicago. However, when I turned onto this street, I saw the blazing sun and I knew then that this location was going to result in an interesting silhouette.