Chicago Advertorial Photographer Black & White Photo

Chicago Advertorial Photographer: Powering People

I was so excited ten years ago when an advertising agency asked me to shoot nine day-in-the-life photo essays featuring utility workers in Wyoming for a public relations ad campaign. The December 2002 project was such an amazing opportunity to not only take some really cool pictures, but experience quite an adventure. Every day we visited a new small town, each different in their own way.

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Made In America: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Visits Chicago Ford Plant

Regardless of final assembly, thousands of Americans are employed mining ore, milling steel and stamping parts, some of which will one day become my ride, and maybe, just maybe, I saw part of my new car being made yesterday in Chicago Heights.

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Chicago Civil Union Photographer

Chicago Gay Wedding Photographer: Sample Wedding Album Just Arrived

A few months ago when civil unions became legal for gay and lesbian couples in Chicago, I decided to start offering my photography services for couples looking to get married. Below you can find photographs of the new sample wedding album I we put together to show just how we can capture these memories.

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