I’ll Have Another – Please

Yesterday was my 9th Kentucky Derby and possibly the steamiest one I remember. It was also my 13th major horse race setting up and operating multiple cameras to capture the finish. This year I used six cameras firing simultaneously to cover the race.

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What Not To Do

I’m neither the sharpest tool in the shed, nor am I some sort of savant… but I can tell you one thing you shouldn’t do. When 20 photographers are trying to shoot the favorite at the Kentucky Derby, don’t take a picture of yourself while standing in everyone’s background.

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Chicago Music Video Director John Gress

Music Video: “Make My Move” by Nehemiah Akbar

My video for “Make My Move” by Nehemiah Akbar was released today. The project took 10 hours of production and 20 hours to edit…. all of which I did in the last 72 hours.

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Music Video: Behind-the-Scenes with Nehemiah Akbar

Last night I shot a music Video for Nehemiah Akbar’s pop single Make My Move with my new Canon 5D Mark III cameras.

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Flash From The Past: June 22, 2007

Four years ago today I was in Indianapolis shooting the USA Track and Field Championships.

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