Pacific white-sided dolphin Piquet swims with her two-week-pld male calf at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, June 12, 2012. According the the aquarium Less than 24 hours after its birth on Memorial Day, the calf began surpassing several critical milestones to mark the newborn’s successful development, including bonding with mom and nursing regularly. Shedd’s animal health team estimates that he’s weighing in around 30 pounds, which is about 5 pounds more than he weighed at birth. REUTERS/John Gress

Dolphin Calf Makes His Debut in Chicago

Man was it dark and hard to focus…. If the new baby Pacific white-sided dolphin at Chicago’s Shedd aquarium had a night light to keep him snug at night, its dim bulb would double the amount of light in his tank. Despite the challenges of capturing Chicago’s cutest new resident, I can agree with all of you – he’s adorable.

Barrett Bust

Yesterday was an epic long day for me… but Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett would probably claim it was the longest day of his life… maybe even his worst day of his life. The gubernatorial candidate lost to sitting Governor Scott Walker in a landslide.