Headshots: Marshall Titus Album Cover

Chicago photographer album artwork photoshoot

For this shoot I tried something new. I decided to use one of my two new twin 1200-watt HMI movie lights as my main light and then I used two two-foot Kino Flo lights to strip either side of the subjects face. By using continuous lighting I was able to see the light in real time which was so much more fun than shooting with electronic flash and imagining what the light would look like when the strobes fired.

VIDEO: Cabaret With A View

Ever since I shot Paul Oakley Stoval & Brad Simmons performing at the Pritzger Pavilion in Chicago, I have been humming their songs. So you know I had to share them with you now that they are you youtube.

New Vimeo Account Up And Running

I recently set up a Vimeo account to showcase the professional HD music videos and TV commercials I directed over the past year. Please check them out and let me know what you think!