lightroom film emulation presets


B&W Film Emulation Presets

Make your images jump off the page with these high contrast Black and White Lightroom presets! We all love the look of film, so if you want to give your images that special analog finish, then these Lightroom presets are for you.


9 Lightoom Presets

JG BW1, JG BW2, JG BW3, JG BW4, JG BW5, JG BW6, JG BW7, JG BW8 and JG BW9.


I created these presets in Adobe Lightroom Classic 12.2 and you can change the amount of each presets with a slider. These presets require the Adobe Monochrome Profile, so they will not work with PhaseOne or other cameras without this profile in LR. They have been tested on and work with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji images. If you buy them, and in the rare event that that they don’t work with your camera, just let us know within a month of your purchase, and we will issue a refund.

John Gress B&W Film Emulation Presets