Moving: before and after photos

Thank you for all of your patience while my blog has gone dormant for the last three weeks. I spent 20 days with several friends out fitting my new home and studio in Chicago’s South Loop, using many frugal approaches. While I expected the project to take 10 days, numerous delays doubled the time of the project. I am sure you will soon see several aspects of the loft in the backgrounds of my regular blog photos as I transition from making the space work to working in the space. Please enjoy these before and after photos and let me know what you think of the changes.

The previous tenant was also a photographer.
My greeting cards and prints, on sale at, can be seen on the left of this frame.

I used a series of place mats to build these stick boxes on the right. The whole installation cost $100.


I was able to upholster the walls for around $600 using fabric, foam rubber, plywood, upholstery nails and the use of two staple guns. One of my friends sewed the drapes thought the loft using approximately 190 yards of fabric.

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