Illinois Lesbian Wedding Photographer: C & Emily

By Illinois Lesbian Wedding Photographer John Gress: On a beautiful summer day, C. got dressed in her black suit and tie while her best friend looked on and remarked how she looks like a boss. At the same time Emily nervously looked in the mirror of her House 5863 Chicago Bed and Breakfast hotel room and wondered if made sure everything was just right.


The music began and these two amazing women walked alone for the last time. After reading their beautiful vows they exchanged rings they poignantly celebrated their marriage while encircled by family and friends .

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Illinois Lesbian Wedding Photographer John Gress enjoys shooting all types wedding ceremonies, parties, celebrations, receptions, and portraits in Chicago, Illinois and across the Midwest. He’s an expert portrait photographer and he loves capturing candid, photojournalistic images of the couple & their guests during the private emotional moments and during the public cornerstone moments that make each wedding day special. Other Illinois Lesbian Wedding Photographers claim to be wedding photojournalists, but John Gress has had his work published in periodicals around the world. He’s also engaged to his partner Marcus and is planning his own wedding. Do you know any good photographers? =)

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