Chicago fitness headshot photographer

Side profile of Pierre, shirtless, showcasing his muscular upper body against a dark background, emphasizing his fitness and strength.

Capturing Strength and Confidence with Pierre In Chicago, fitness enthusiasts and models alike are seeking high-quality headshots that reflect their dedication, strength, and confidence. John Gress, a renowned Chicago fitness headshot photographer, is known for his ability to capture these qualities through his lens. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of fitness […]

Best male modeling agencies in Chicago

Paulo sitting in a studio setup, wearing a tan coat, black jeans, and brown gloves, looking relaxed yet stylish with a rustic backdrop.

Breaking Into the Industry with Paulo The modeling industry in Chicago is brimming with opportunities for aspiring male models. To navigate this competitive field, aligning with the best modeling agencies can make a significant difference. In this blog post, we explore the top male modeling agencies in Chicago, offer tips on breaking into the industry, […]

A model portfolio in Chicago

Another black and white portrait of Jordan, seated at a table, wearing a dark blazer and patterned shirt, looking directly into the camera.

Building Connections and Capturing Excellence Creating a model portfolio in Chicago is essential for aspiring models looking to break into the industry. In Chicago, where opportunities are plentiful, having a polished and professional portfolio can set you apart from the competition. John Gress, a renowned photographer, offers insights into building a standout a model portfolio […]

Editorial Headshots for Models in Chicago

Final black and white image of Etherio, maintaining the dramatic lighting and intense, stylish pose.

In the competitive world of modeling, having striking editorial headshots is essential. John Gress, a renowned photographer in Chicago, specializes in capturing the unique qualities of models through editorial headshots. Today, we explore how models can develop their signature style and stand out in the industry, featuring the dynamic Etherio. The Power of Editorial Headshots […]

Creating a Standout Model Portfolio in Chicago

A model portfolio in Chicago close-up of David’s face in a leather jacket, showcasing his striking blue eyes and sharp features against a blurred background.

Building a model portfolio in Chicago is a crucial step for aspiring models to showcase their versatility and talent. John Gress, a renowned photographer, has been instrumental in helping models create stunning portfolios that catch the eye of agencies and clients alike. This post will explore the essential elements of building a model portfolio, focusing […]