Headshot prices in Chicago

Headshot prices in Chicago male model

Figuring out the Headshot prices in Chicago can be tricky. But the biggest thing you should keep in mind is there level of experience and expertise. But most important of all is whether or not you vibe with their artistic style. Our modeling headshot sessions begin at $499 go up from there. Our a la carte pricing is designed to get you exactly what you need without paying for a package with things you don’t want. Which in the end will deliver the best value and save you money.

Chicago Beauty Photography and Videography for SA Style Studio

Chicago Beauty Photography and Videography full body model portrait

John Gress created Chicago Beauty Photography and Videography for a digital marketing campaign for SA Style Studio. The project consisted of step-by-step video tutorials and portraits which were used to promote their website coordinating hair, makeup and fashion styling for model and everyday people.

Updated Chicago Fashion Photographer Portfolio

fashion models pose for a photographer in a Chicago restaurant

Chicago Fashion Photographer: I’m always taking a second look at my portfolio and wondering how I can make it better. Sometimes it’s new images and sometimes its updating the look of existing images. When I revamped my fashion portfolio last week, I did a little of both! Here is a taste of the new look… […]