Chicago Fashion Photographer Studio: Making hair styles pop for the America’s Beauty Show

Chicago Fashion Photographer Studio: Last month I worked with hair stylist Vic Picolotto to shoot a series of images featuring hair designs to be showcased at the America’s Beauty Show for hairdressing giant Tracey Hughes Education. Their fashion was designed by Australian Project Runway winner Anthony Capon. And their make-up was done flawlessly by Diana Arce.

studio model with red wig by Chicago Fashion Photographer John Gress

To achieve the look in my southloop studio, I processed the images through Capture One Pro 7 and generally desaturated the skin tones and went with a monochromatic scene to allow the hair to pop.

hair model on set in studio by Chicago Fashion Photographer John Gress

African American hair model onset in Chicago Fashion Photographer studio

wig on model by Chicago Fashion Photographer John Gress

black clothing by Chicago Fashion Photographer John Gress


Chicago Photographer Studio Behind-The-Scenes

The photoshoot was probably one of the more elaborate setups I have done in the studio lately, using 5 lights and a reflector to sculpt the light. Next time I will probably replace with reflector with another softbox to add even more control to the scene.
behind the scenes by Chicago Fashion Photographer studio of John Gress


To create the pattern on the studio wall I shined a hard light through slits I cut in some cinefoil.


Chicago Fashion Photographer studio lighting

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