Chicago Business Headshot Photographer: Enlivant

Chicago Business Headshot Photographer

Chicago Business Headshot Photographer

Chicago Business Headshot Photographer: I recently created a series of portraits for Enlivant, a firm which operates assisted living communities in 18 states. The photography will be used on their website, online platforms and the employees Linkin profiles.

Since 1981, when Enlivant opened their first community, they’ve delivered a pioneering approach to assisted living designed to give residents a supportive, stimulating assisted living environment where they will thrive in mind, body, and spirit.

Chicago Business Headshot Photographer Behind The Scenes:

Chicago Business Headshot Photographer behind the scenes

I used a 4′ gray background and a Profoto 5′ Octabox to light the images. The view outside the windows of their conference room helped make for a great set.


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