Chicago Black & White Gay Wedding Photographer: Avery & Bryan

Chicago Black & White Gay Wedding Photographer: Not long ago, I had the privilege of shooting Bryan and Avery’s wedding  & reception in Chicago. However, they called their union a cereversary, because it coincided with their ten year anniversary.

I decided to use a Black & White photojournalistic approach for this same-sex wedding, because i knew the images would pop due to the dramatic light that filled the masculine, monochromatic space.


Chicago Black & White Gay Wedding Photographer: One of the things I really enjoy about gay weddings is seeing how the couples nervously interact before they ceremony. This wedding was no exception as important guests were missing as the clock continued to tick away. You’ll see their tension in the slides show below as they wait to walk down the proverbial isle.

Technically speaking, this was my first time shooting a ceremony in B&W with the new Canon 5D Mark III and I decided to shoot all of the photos with availed light and super fast prime lenses. Often shooting at 1/80 f1.4 ISO 3200. The images looked great and I really enjoyed how they looked in black & white.

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Chicago Black & White Gay Wedding Photographer John Gress enjoys shooting all types wedding ceremonies, parties, celebrations, receptions, and portraits in Chicago, Illinois and across the Midwest.

He is an expert portrait photographer and he loves capturing candid, photojournalistic images of the couple and their guests during the private emotional moments and during the public cornerstone moments that make each wedding day special. Other Chicago Black & White Gay Wedding Photographers claim to be wedding photojournalists, but John Gress has had his work published in periodicals around the world.

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