Can AI software really retouch your photos?

In today’s video I will demo Envato.AI, an AI based retouching tool that is targeted towards commercial, wedding, portrait and headshot photographers who need to edit batches of photos at a time.

I’ll show you how I used the software to quickly remove blemishes, wrinkles and dark circles. Plus I used Envato.Ai to clean up and swap backgrounds, apply skin smoothing, and dodge and burn.

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00:00 Introduction
01:37 Male Skin Retouching
07:34 Headshot Background Swapping
08:36 Batch Processing
09:12 Female Skin Retouching
12:46 Cleaning-Up Paper Backgrounds
13:39 Conclusion

Main Functions
Skin Defects Removal
Backdrop changer
Eye Brightness
Clean Backdrop
Sky Replacement
Save presets and Sync all

The software is capable of
Dodge & Burn Technology
AI Face/Body Reshaping
Sky Replacement AI
Makeup Presets
Color Adjustments
Highlight Contour Adjustment

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