Baby Doll Boutique

I worked with stylist Isaac King, Richard Paden and producer Alxis Rivera to execute this shoot for a Chicago boutique.


This is one of my top 5 photos of all time. It was a great collaboration between the models and the whole crew. The idea just sort of came about organically. One person suggested the girls fight over a purse and we took off from there. All we needed to come up with was some prop styling, lightning and direction: “Act like you’re going to smack the F#$% out of that bitch,” and “Maggie, you gotta look like she’s trying to kill you!”  Stylist Richard Paden originally wanted the shoot to convey that the models ware on their way to a concert or other evening event, but in the end was instrumental in staging this stunning image.

Credits: Styling by Richard Paden and Isaac King. Hair by Vic Piccolotto. Make up by BellaRosa Artistry.

Modeling by Rick Dys, Mira Cubelic Miller, Maggie Moy, Emma Revett, Heather Scott

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