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Lighting Technique


Creating this studio lighting series was a lot of fun! The challenge was to create three dynamic portraits using one Elinchrom light and modifier,...

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Our Elinchrom Gear

How I travel with my photography / lighting gear

How I travel with my Elinchrom lighting gear, including my ELC500 Pro HD monolights, ELB400 and Quadra Ranger. Plus a ton of modifiers using...

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Business , Exclusive Training Videos

Networking: Building your photography business and your personal network at the same time

Photographer John Gress shares how he built his business through building his personal network.

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Exclusive Training Videos , Posing

Photographer John Gress talks with model Jason Cates about working with models and posing

Get John and Jason's perspective on what its like to pose models and what it's like for models when working with photographers of personality...

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Exclusive Training Videos , Lighting Technique , The Academy

The Difference Between Photography Lighting Power Packs, Monolights & Compact battery powered units!

I was recently asked what the difference is between AC Powered Studio Packs & Heads, Monolights and Battery Powered Compact photo flash heads. We...

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chicago lighting photography workshop
Lighting Technique , The Academy

Getting Started: a Beginners Guide to Portrait Lighting gear

If you're new to photography or just getting into portrait lighting you're probably wondering where to begin. This video will cover the lights, modifiers...

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Exclusive Training Videos , Post-Production

I’ll fix it in post…. Wrong!

Everyone loves to say we'll fix it in post! This video covers why I don't think using Photoshop and Lightroom as your first resort...

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Sway Chicago - Pretty Young Thing, featuring Marcus Gress
Lighting Technique

Why I love Aputure’s LED 120D and 300D lights for video

When I started shooting video I had to use fluorescent banks & giant hot lights. But when I replaced everything with LEDs, I could...

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Lighting Technique

Lighting Tutorial: The Circle of Light

You never know where you’re going to find the inspiration for your next photoshoot, so it’s always best to keep your eyes peeled and...

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Pimped and Altered RocknRoller MultiCart top shelf to assemble quickly

How to Fix Your RocknRoller MultiCart’s Top Shelf

Modifying a RocknRoller MultiCart R8 so the top shelf, Quick Set Shelf, assembles with ease in seconds rather than minutes when you get to...

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Lighting Technique

Lighting Tutorial: It’s a Hardbox Light

Over time, I have seen many images where a pattern is projected onto someone’s face, and I’ve always struggled to simulate this type of...

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Chicago behind the scenes photoshoot
Exclusive Training Videos , Lighting Technique

Light Years: How my Lighting Gear Evolved Over Time

Over the course of my career I have used White Lightning, Elinchrom, Alien Bees and Profoto lights. I wanted to share with you today...

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