Cost of professional headshots for actors in Chicago

Cost of professional headshots for actors in Chicago close up

Figuring out the cost of professional headshot for actors in Chicago can be tricky. But the biggest thing you should keep in mind is there level of experience and expertise. But most important of all is whether or not you vibe with their artistic style. Our modeling headshot sessions begin at $499 go up from there. Our a la carte pricing is designed to get you exactly what you need without paying for a package with things you don’t want. Which in the end will deliver the best value and save you money.

Best headshots in Chicago for actors

Best headshots in Chicago for actors black and whote

During this shoot with Actor Anthony Battle we created a series of unique headshots and portraits so that the actor could have a catalog of images to use, no matter what role he was auditioning for.

Commercial photography in Chicago for international women’s day

commercial photography in Chicago environmental portrait

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Test Positive Aware Network, TPAN, hired me to take commercial photography in Chicago of female employees for the not for profit. Please click here to see more of my professional business portraits and commercial photography.

Chicago singer Headshots

Chicago singer Headshots colorful background

Photographer John Gress created a series of Chicago singer headshots for Janvier Jones new album cover. The photoshoot started off with portraits on a gray background.