“I Will” Music Video Trailer Released And Launch Party Announced

Just over a week ago, I started filming a music video for the song “I Will,” a powerful and moving piece. Needless to say, I am very excited about the release of the video, which will debut September 15th! Please click here to view the trailer.

A Day With HIV In America Trailer Released

Chicago Videographer Stop The Stigma A Day With HIV In America By John Gress

Positively Aware magazine just released the trailer to a video my team volunteered to produce in order to help publicize the second annual A Day with HIV in America. The national campaign features an online photo essay project focused on destigmatizing and demystifying the virus. Whether you’re negative or positive, we are all affected by HIV.

Lady Faints As Lord Sent Back To Prison

Chicago Photojournalist

Below are photos I shot today of convicted felon and former media Baron Conrad Black. While, I was really surprised to see him kick open the car door upon his arrival,I was even more astonished to see his wife, who fainted in the courtroom, embrace him once the two were in their car.

Chicago Charity Advertising Photography: Dining Out For Life

Group photo by Chicago environmental portrait photographer

I had a the great fortune to donate my Chicago charity advertising photography services to Chicago’s Edge Alliance, which is involved in a wide range of initiatives that respond to the needs of the homeless, people living with HIV/AIDS, the disabled, and veterans.