Its Obama!

Four years ago I photographed election night from a scissor lift on the President’s left, and this year was more of the same. However last time we seemed so far removed from the crowd, that I was in disbelief until the next day. Being there last night made me think of the last four years and it made me imagine what the next four years will bring.

NATO: Freedom Is Free, Fame Will Cost You

One thing stuck out in my mind this weekend as I was ushered from one place to place by military and State Department personnel: It wasn’t that long ago that I could roam the hallways of McCormick Place freely with then Senator Barack Obama.

NATO: I Can See Barack From My House

The North American Treaty Organazation meeting began today just a five minute walk from my own bed. It was a lot of fun seeing scores of world leaders all in one place and even odder to have them so close to home.

President Obama

John Gress Chicago Photographer

I just got done photographing US President Barack Obama during a campaign rally in Chicago.