Oops! Iowa Republicans Can’t Finalize Their Election & Perry Endorses Gingrich, Who’s Ex Said Wanted An Open Marriage

It was a wacky day today in politics. Newt Gringrich’s second wife said he wanted an open relationship, the same day Rick Perry dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Gingrich. But wait there is more.. the Iowa Republican party says Satorum now leads the caucuses by 34 votes but they lost some ballots and can’t determine who won their January 3rd election….. no really… No really… I am not kidding.

Santorum, Up Close And Personal

I started off the day thinking that I might visit South Dakota for the first time as Santorum’s schedule took me very close to that part of the world. Instead, I made another first. During an event in Sioux Falls I ended up so close to the presidential candidate that I had to turn my head not to breath on him as he waited for his introduction. It all started when I began moving through the over stuffed coffee shop as he began to work the room and it ended when we were stuck with no where left to go. Having a dozen cameras pointed on my was a big departure from the norm.