Newborn piglets suckle at Whiteshire Hamroc farm in Albion, Indiana March 16, 2012. REUTERS/John Gress

Bacon Anyone?

After the worst drought in half a century hammered livestock producers like Hoelscher with record-high feed grain prices, there is renewed interest in raising pigs, an indication that the struggling hog industry is on the cusp of a recovery.

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Indiana and Chicago documentary photographer John Gress

Working Not So High On The Hog

I’ve never had to shower before a shoot, or elect to take one after, but my recent visit to a hog farm in northern Indiana was full of firsts. I was also asked to wear the farms clothes, shoes thankfully a Tyvek jumpsuit. All of which kept me clean and my car ride home pleasant… as you might imagine from the pics.

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St. Louis SPorts Photographer John Gress

Kansas Pulls Away Late To Complete Final Four Field

Shooting the end of a major game is always a rush and tonight I lucked out capturing the player of the game jumping for joy with his teammate as one of their opponents looked on.

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Kansas stops N.C. State, will face former coach Roy Williams

I had the pleasure last night of shooting a college team that is very familiar to me – the University of Kansas Jayhawks. Why do they call it KU? Is everyone in Kansas dyslexic or just backwards?

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After A Scare, North Carolina Prevails In Overtime

For the first time in two years I photographed March madness games last night. A question came to mind as well. Is the existence of cheer leaders sexiest?

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