The Federal Trade Commission Midwest regional director Steve Baker speaks during a press conference about spam text messages in Chicago, March 7, 2013.

U.S. Government Takes Legal Action Over Phone Spam

We’ve all gotten them. Well most of us anyway. Last year the FTC received 50,000 consumer complaints about text messages and of those 20,000 contained prize offers. Today they announced eight lawsuits against spammers operating what they say amounts to a phishing operation.

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A hand gun, very similar to the gun used by alleged gunman Wade Michael Page, is seen at The Shooter Shop, where Page purchased the weapon, in West Allis, Wisconsin, August 7, 2012. The gun used in the crime was the crime was identical, only it had a shorter barrel. REUTERS/John Gress

Denial Criteria May Prevent Mass Shootings

An expert on gun violence prevention from UC Davis says that more background checks and denying firearms to people charged with criminal activity can help lower incidence of mass shootings.

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NY court finds pole dancing can be taxed

ALBANY, N.Y. – Pole dancers might be athletic and artistic but their performances don’t qualify for tax-exempt status under New York law, a state court ruled on Tuesday.

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This news really disturbed me

On Wednesday night, Dalbir Singh was closing his store when three masked people approached and opened gunfire. He was shot in the head and died instantly. This crime fits the profile of thousands of failed attempted robberies in the U.S., except that Dalbir Singh is a turbaned Sikh man in Oak Creek, Wis.

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Children seen as heroes at Sikh temple

Women at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin were busily preparing lunch in the community kitchen on Sunday when two children burst in and screamed frantically they had seen a man with a gun outside.

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