Every time I see the Blagojevich’s, Patti pulls Rod like shes over having a puppy on a leash who won’t stop licking random people. However, whats more interesting to me is that she can be heard on surveillance tapes saying some choice words, “Hold up that f—ing Cubs s—. F— them.”

Blago About To Go Bye-Bye

My toes are still cold, but it comes with the territory when you wait out in the cold for over an hour. I was there when convicted felon and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich just arrived home after the first day of his two day sentencing for federal corruption charges.

Where Have I Been?

People have been asking why I have been so quiet lately… well I went on vacation… well sort of. I just returned from 9 days in San Francisco where I worked on a corporate documentary film for three days and then vacationed. Here is a selection of some of the fun pics I took while seeing the sights. It was really nice to just take pictures for fun and not strive for perfection.