Flash From The Past: May 20, 2003

One damp morning 8 years ago I woke up at 4am to photograph heroin addicts receiving their morning methadone medication at the Delta Methadone Clinic in Portland, Oregon. I remember I had a lot of trouble finding the place until I spotted the only commercial building in the residential neighborhood without a sign. The huge line forming outside its doors before sunrise was a good indication too. To protect the identity of the patients, I couldn’t photography any faces.

John Gress

Flash From The Past: May 16, 2003

I drew my inspiration for this shot from a photo I saw in National Geographic. Of course I didn’t execute this type of photo as well as I did 4 years later when I shot blackface performer Shirley Q. Liquor. In 2007 I had lenses that could let in 4x more light than the lenses I had in 2003, allowing me to make much sharper photos in low light.