Marshall Titus Perfoms “I Will” at Jesse Jacksons Birthday Celebration

Our “I Will” music video has continued to garner rave reviews and attention from people in all walks of life. The nearly full capacity crowd cheered on Titus as his voice soared and the live television audience was almost certainly inspired by his inspirational words.

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Chicago Filmmaker John Gress Shoots "I Will" Music Video

John Gress & Marshall Titus On Racism & The Emotional Impact Of “I Will”

John Gress & Marshall Titus On Racism & The Emotional Impact Of “I Will.” After several threads spread across the internet, Chicago Filmmaker John Gress and Singer / Songwriter Marshall Titus have decided to weigh in on a lot of the responses.

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John Gress I Will Chicago Music Video Director

Marshall Titus and John Gress Interviewed On Fearless Radio

Fearless Radio podcast an interview I did earlier this week with “I Will” singer / songwriter Marshall Titus. The two of us talked about the process of making I will and the message behind it. We also touched on A Day With HIV In America.

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Marshall Titus: Changing The Conversation About HIV Through His Music

Singer / songwriter Marshall Titus likes to create music that has broad appeal. More importantly, when he creates a song he needs the lyrics to resonate with richness and meaning. To that effect, Titus has teamed up with Director John Gress to use one of his songs to change the way we think about HIV.

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Bloggers And Individules Buzz About “I Will”

After the debut of “I Will” last Thursday over 5,000 people have viewed the latest collaboration from myself and singer/songwriter Marshall Titus.

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