A hand gun, very similar to the gun used by alleged gunman Wade Michael Page, is seen at The Shooter Shop, where Page purchased the weapon, in West Allis, Wisconsin, August 7, 2012. The gun used in the crime was the crime was identical, only it had a shorter barrel. REUTERS/John Gress

Denial Criteria May Prevent Mass Shootings

An expert on gun violence prevention from UC Davis says that more background checks and denying firearms to people charged with criminal activity can help lower incidence of mass shootings.

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Investigators prepare to enter the Azana Salon and Spa in Brookfield, Wisconsin, October 21, 2012, where three people were killed and at least four injured in a shooting, Brookfield Police Chief Daniel Tushaus said at a news conference. REUTERS/John Gress (UNITED STATES)

Suspected spa gunman pleaded for help

The man suspected of killing three women and wounding four others in a shooting rampage at a Milwaukee-area spa where his estranged wife worked had recently posted pleas for help “to get out of Wisconsin” on his Facebook page.

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Parishioners including Clara Randall worshop at St. Sabina Catholic Church during the predominantly African-American congregation's Unity Mass in Chicago, September 2, 2012. REUTERS/John Gress

Like Biden & Ryan, Catholics deeply divided

The two candidates for vice president of the United States are both Catholic and competing in an election year that has seen the Roman Catholic Church flex its political muscle more forcefully than ever.

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This news really disturbed me

On Wednesday night, Dalbir Singh was closing his store when three masked people approached and opened gunfire. He was shot in the head and died instantly. This crime fits the profile of thousands of failed attempted robberies in the U.S., except that Dalbir Singh is a turbaned Sikh man in Oak Creek, Wis.

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Children seen as heroes at Sikh temple

Women at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin were busily preparing lunch in the community kitchen on Sunday when two children burst in and screamed frantically they had seen a man with a gun outside.

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