Jude Hansen runs in the Chicago Marathon for the AIDS foundation of Chicago's Team to End AIDS. by photographer John Gress 1/1600 f4.5 ISO 100 24mm

Chicago sports lifestyle photography for the Team To End AIDS

For the third year in a row the AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s Team To End AIDS (T2) hired me to photograph their major sports competitions. The resulting lifestyle images have been used in their advertising and fund raising ad campaigns.

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The Making of Marcus Matteo’s Boomerang Music Video

As a Chicago music video director, I am always striving to hone my craft by using news tools and techniques. My latest music video for Marcus Matteo was my first 4k project and I shot it almost exclusively in 4k DCI with a Canon 1D X Mark II camera.

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Chicago Fitness Model Matthew Cuff by photographer John Gress on a Gravity Backdrops

Comp card photography for Chicago Fitness Model Matthew Cuff

The first time I worked with fitness model and personal trainer Matthew Cuff it was to help him develop his first comp card and I’m pretty sure he was about 21 at the time. Cuff, now in his late 20’s, is an Asics sponsored full time personal trainer, working all over the US, and hes looking to update his comp card.

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U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledges the crowd as he arrives to deliver his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., January 10, 2017. REUTERS/John Gress

Obama’s Farewell Brings an End to an Era

After I moved to Chicago in 2003, I started covering a “skinny kid with a funny name.” Now he really wasn’t a kid at that time, but I was a mere 26 years old. I have seen the image in my mirror change and I have seen the man who became our President change as well with each image.

Last night was a fitting and emotional end to a chapter of my life which I will never forget.

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Does using a Profoto Glass Cover D1 Frosted dome or a Acute / Pro head make a difference?

Test results & review showing if using a Profoto Glass Cover dome or a Profoto Acute or Pro head makes a difference compared to using a D1 500 air monolight head.

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