Evanston Gay Wedding Photography grooms dance together at the Farmhouse

Evanston Gay Wedding Photography: Frank & Brock’s Celebration at the Farmhouse

Frank & Brock’s ceremony affected me like no other, it was the last gay wedding I attended before my own. Given the future that faced me only weeks later, seeing the moments of the evening unfold were emotional to say the least, as I saw several parallels between my relationship and theirs. The Chicago couple exchanged their vows before family and friends at the Farmhouse, in Evanston, which was also the venue for the reception that followed.

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Evanston Gay Wedding photographer Ramon & Cecil arrive at their cocktail hour with sparklers in hand.

Evanston Gay Wedding Photographer: Ramon & Cecil

Evanston Gay Wedding Photographer: Ramon & Cecil tie the knot at the Hilton Orrinton Hotel in Evanston, Illinois. Photojournalistic LGBT wedding photography

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