Saxaphonist Album Cover Photoshoot: Jafar Idris by Chicago headshot photographer John Gress

Saxaphonist Album Cover Photoshoot: Jafar Idris

I recently had the pleasure of shooting saxophonist Jafar Idris. It was nice making a series of headshots showcasing an instrument I played in high school.

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Compcard Heradshots by Chicago Photographer John Gress

Compcard Photographer: Chicago Male Model Troy Z

Compcards: Male Model Troy Z has a strong look and can keep you from turning the page whether hes staring back at you or laughing in his headshots and photography portfolio.

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Chicago black and white headshot series by John Gress Chicago Photographer

Chicago black and white headshot series: Robin Cook

For this Chicago black and white headshot series featuring models Robin Cook, Eric Luchen and Matthew Cuff, I decided to use natural light, augmented with reflectors, and fast prime lenses shot wide open to blur the background.

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Retro Fashion Boutique

Often times I come up with a shoot idea and then contact make-up artists. However, when Make-up Artist Brandon Phillips called me about a shoot he wanted to do, I was all ears. The retro boutique he lined up was amazing and the pictures we came up with pleased me equally.       Credits: Make-up by Brandon Phillips. Styling by Isaac King.

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John Gress Chicago Photographer

Bowling, But Far From Alone

The bowling alley near the home of Stylist Richard Paden is lost in time.  Its such a unique location, that we had to line up a shoot there with scene appropriate clothing. I wanted a to do a shoot that mirrored a group date… but models being models, so many people canceled on us and all of our girls were a no show. I didn’t want it to look like some kind of clacked out gay beer commercial so we […]

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