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prop shopping vlog
Exclusive Training Videos , Pre-Production

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Prop Shopping – Where to find great pieces for your next shoot!

Follow along as I go to two of my favorite spots looking for treasure. Then at the end I give tips on where I...

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retouching in Capture one with beyond film style packs
Exclusive Training Videos , Post-Production

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: How I retouch my photos in Capture One 21 including using the Beyond Film style packs.

In this video I will share my process for retouching photos in Capture One 21. Including how the C1 Beyond Film style packs have...

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Academy with John Gress Live

April 24, 21 Live Q & A

This week we went into edge lights and lighting with gels.

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How to mount a canvass backdrop on a tube pvc
Exclusive Training Videos , Fundamentals , Gear , Pre-Production

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: How to mount a canvass backdrop to a tube and then a background stand

Today were going to go over how to mount a canvass backdrop with gaffer tape to a PVC tube so you can easily hang...

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I was wrong about photogaphy
Business , Fundamentals , Gear , Lighting Technique , Post-Production

The 10 things I thought I knew about photography, but I was wrong

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Live John Gress Academy

April 10, 21 Live Q & A

This video contains questions about using the Elinchrom Skyport System, using a light meter and fill while shooting in rooms with colored walls.

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Elinchrom Litemotiv 120 Review
Exclusive Training Videos , Gear

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Elinchrom Litemotiv 120 review, Parabolic softboxes are truly better

I bought this modifier 2 years ago and I didn't really know what I had until I tested it against my other modifiers and...

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Behind-the-scenes of my YouTube Set-up

I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at my YouTube setup, including all of the gear I use to make my videos. Nanlite provided...

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Live Academey with John Gress April 1, 2021

April 1, 2021 Live Q&A

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this weeks session.

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Complete training guide to color effects gels
Exclusive Training Videos , Lighting Technique

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE – Lighting Tutorial – Gels – Part 1 & 2

This 40 minute class will cover everything you need to know about color effects gels!

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The Academy with John Gress Live

March 28, 2021 Live Q&A

These live sessions are one of the beast features of the Academy!

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THe Academy with John Gress Live Q&A

Our next live sessions! April 1 at 7pm and April 10 at 10AM Central Time (US and Canada)

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