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One hockey game per day please

I was so happy that last nights Stanley Cub Game 2 only went 3.5 periods and not 48 like game one!

Blackhawks beat Bruins 4-1

When the puck dropped last night at the first game of the Stanley Cup, I had no idea what I was in for. After shooting nearly two games worth of hockey, it was over as the Blackhawks beat the Bruins 4-1.

Blackhawks thrash Red Wings, stave off elimination

The Blackhawks shot down the Redwings last night and they knocked the dust off of my wings. It has been months since I shot a NHL game and I was happy to find that shooting hockey was like riding a bicycle. I was telling another photographer last night that it took me a few years to figure out how to shoot the game. Once I figured out it was like shooting soccer, but you follow the puck and you follow from time to time where the puck was going, it got a lot easier.

Fired: No love lost on Bears Smith

Its hard to believe that Lovie Smith was the coach of the Bears during my entire tenure working in Chicago. Ive seen them choke in regular games and the Super Bowl. I’ve seen them win too, but I don’t know anyone who thought they were a powerhouse as it seems their quarterbacks of late have been sacked more times than they have thrown touchdown passes.

Ugly win for Bears

As Julius Peppers entered the locker room, he spoke for nearly everyone in the organization and probably its fan base when he exclaimed, “Winning ugly.”