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Music Video: "Make My Move" by Nehemiah Akbar

My video for “Make My Move” by Nehemiah Akbar was released today. The project took 10 hours of production and 20 hours to edit…. all of which I did in the last 72 hours.

Music Video: Behind-the-Scenes with Nehemiah Akbar

Last night I shot a music Video for Nehemiah Akbar’s pop single Make My Move with my new Canon 5D Mark III cameras.

Irish PM Parades

For the first time in four decades a real Irishman showed up at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Chicago – Prim Minister Enda Kenny.

Video Showcases NFL Player Rashied Davis' Charity

I just posted a video I produced with Adam McMath for Rashied Davis Charities. The NFL player’s not for profit seeks to help young students overcome obstacles to success through inspiration, preparation and discipline. A key component for accomplishing this mission is early literacy intervention.

It's For The Kids

Earlier this month I had the strange fortune of being assigned to cover perhaps the oddest story of my career. This eclipsed the salt stain Virgin Mary and bloody dwarfs wrestling.