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Headshots: Cosette Tomita's Compcard

I am always searching for new ways to light my subjects, and with every shoot, I seek to perfect my technique. Recently I started using a Westcott ’7 Parabolic Umbrella. After a few test shoots, I rolled out the umbrella for this headshot with teen female model Cosette Tomita. Using a giant softbox overhead to give Cosette’s hair a little kick and some overhead fill, I had the model strike several different poses, including this jumping shot below.

Headshots: Commercial Model Keisha Clark

Female commercial model Keisha Clark does a photoshoot for her compcard.

Headshots: Male Fitness Model Negus

I recently completed a compcard shoot in my Chicago studio for male model Negus Ferguson.

Singer & Actor Headshot Shoot

I recently did headshot a shoot in my Chicago studio with singer and actor Brian-Alwyn Newland.

Headshots: Chicago Male Lifestyle Model Anthony Robinson

We had a great shoot yesterday with male lifestyle model Anthony Robinson, who hired us to update his portfolio and compcards.