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Civil Union: Shelly & Sarah

Amazing news this week… in case you missed it, three states passed gay and lesbian marriage equality and one state voted down a law that would define marriage as between a man and a woman. I guess we’ll be having more beautiful same sex weddings like the one I recently captured below. All the best Sara and Shelly!

Like Biden & Ryan, Catholics deeply divided

The two candidates for vice president of the United States are both Catholic and competing in an election year that has seen the Roman Catholic Church flex its political muscle more forcefully than ever.

A Black & White Wedding

Not long ago, I had the privilege of shooting my friends Bryan and Avery’s gay wedding. Although they called their civil union a cereversary because it coincided with their ten year anniversary.

Miller64 launches my new lifestyle ads

My exciting new GLBT lifestyle ads for Miller64 were just released during a party at Roscoe’s Tavern in Chicago, the location where we shot the above image.

Lesbian Wedding Photography: Angela & Dawn

A Bicycle Built For Two recently highlighted a Lesbian Wedding I photographed in Wisconsin.