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Notre Dame will be better than you think

Bleacher report previewed Notre Dame’s 2012 football team with an article featuring one of my photos from last year.

Children seen as heroes at Sikh temple

Women at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin were busily preparing lunch in the community kitchen on Sunday when two children burst in and screamed frantically they had seen a man with a gun outside.

Sikh temple gunman linked to racist group

Yesterday was a very long work day for me in Wisconsin covering the horrible Sikh Temple murders. The assignment was made a lot easier thanks to the kindness of the Sikh community. They all seem very glad were here… which almost never seems to happen in these situations. Covering this assignment has been quite interesting. Last night at a Sikh Temple all of the photographers were having to feel their way, trying not to culturally offend our subjects by making missteps based on our unfamiliarity with the Sikh religion.

Renting may be bad for your health

A new study demonstrates those who suffer from household allergies are less likely to make indoor changes to improve health if they rent, compared to homeowners.

French to raise top tax rate to shocking 75%

Wealthy Frenchmen will soon be taxed 75% on their income if French President Francois Hollande gets his way.