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A Black & White Wedding

Not long ago, I had the privilege of shooting my friends Bryan and Avery’s gay wedding. Although they called their civil union a cereversary because it coincided with their ten year anniversary.

Obama's hometown, looks for a new future

Republicans condemn the city for its corruption and association with Obama, but they ignore the efforts the city is making

Scientists want to learn to speak dolphin

Some researchers are, in fact, attempting to learn how to speak various animal languages, though it has been difficult.

Headshots: Commercial Model Keisha Clark

Female commercial model Keisha Clark does a photoshoot for her compcard.

Chicago-area home sales up

However, the median price of $172,000 was off 5.9 percent from July 2011′s $182,700, according to the Illinois Association of Realtors’ monthly report on the housing market.