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Secret Ingredient Recipe

Food Photography: Authentic Italian flavor straight from a can by Big Star’s Justin Large.

Fire post 3rd straight victory

Rolfe and MacDonald score for 2-1 triumph over Revolution

GoPro or go home

For the fourth time in my career, I took photos previewing Chicago’s Air and Water Show and for the third time I flew with the Lima Lima Flight Team. Their World War II era military trainers gave us quite a ride, pulling over 4 Gs.


Four years ago I surprisingly shot both VP candidate announcements. The first one in Springfield, Illinois was so hot my friend and fellow photographer Kamil fell was struck with heat exhaustion… a far warmer day then when Obama’s announced he was running for the office 18 months earlier. That day was in the so cold, I got frost bite in my finger tips.

Peyton Manning’s arm looks fine

Manning didn’t throw any deep passes in his first drive of the preseason Thursday night at Soldier Field in Chicago, but he threw well enough to drive the Broncos down the field before the drive ended when a pass over the middle was deflected and intercepted.