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Strike highlights split over poverty's role

The Chicago teachers strike, which appeared headed toward a resolution Friday, has underscored a fundamental split over the biggest issue confronting America’s public schools: how to provide a decent education to children mired in poverty.

Chicago teachers union leaders to meet

Chicago teachers union and school officials resumed talks on Friday to end a five-day strike over education reforms sought by Mayor Rahm Emanuel with both sides saying a deal is close but the union tempering optimism about an imminent agreement.

Fed bets big in push to rescue economy

The Federal Reserve launched another aggressive stimulus program on Thursday, saying it will buy $40 billion of mortgage-backed debt per month until the outlook for jobs improves substantially as long as inflation remains contained.

Notre Dame moves to the ACC

The ACC cut a deal with Notre Dame: join our league for all other sports and play us five times a year in football.

Chicago teachers union talks continue

As talk of progress spread from the bargaining table to the picket line, striking Chicago teachers said this morning they hope their actions will be a good lesson not just for their students, but for other unions across the country.